Trans Stuff

I have so many feelings right now as it relates to just being me. I mean a lot has changed in a long, but still relatively short period of time. It’s been six years and 14 days since I got my first shot of Testosterone in Ann Arbor, MI. I will never forget that day. […]

When I was 16, I liked a boy.

I’m just sitting here deeply reflecting on how different I am as a 41-year old man versus when I was a 16-year old *girl*. That was an interesting sentence to type. I don’t often think back about my childhood or teenage years. I just don’t unless it’s about basketball or a very specific story we […]

I hope you knew how much you meant

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It feels like being trapped in a painful, dark nightmare and I just want to wake up and you’ll be sitting in your chair and the people that I love no longer have their hearts split in two. I hope you knew how special and important you were – to […]


Of course I decide to come back to blogging in the midst of <maybe> the most nonsensical time in my life so far. I do have my daughter to thank for that though; I’ve been giving myself such a hard time for not writing, not having or finding the time to write and then being […]

Black, Trans & Proud

Today I had the opportunity to speak to an amazing group of people and share my story. This blog is the written portion of my presentation, slightly modified to fit this format. AS HE SAID, MY NAME IS LAYNE INGRAM AND IT REALLY IS A SURREAL FEELING TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO A GROUP […]

How I Got Here

I’ve been struggling with what to write about – not for lack of topics but because of all the things that have been flying around in my head over the past year, past few months, weeks, minutes really. I feel like my mind is going non-stop all the time. At a moment in our lives […]