How I Got Here

I’ve been struggling with what to write about – not for lack of topics but because of all the things that have been flying around in my head over the past year, past few months, weeks, minutes really. I feel like my mind is going non-stop all the time. At a moment in our lives […]

All the Things

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can always start again. I wish that I was better at making time for this; it’s something that I’ll work on in 2021. I thought in March of this year that I would be blogging like crazy because I’d be working remotely and would have more time, […]


I haven’t written in almost a year. That’s disappointing but now, like most everyone else, I feel like I have more space and time. That’s not a great excuse because we make time for the things that matter; or rather, we should. But, I digress. 2019 was interesting to say the least; I think I […]

The Book I Started Two Years Ago

I was working in my Google Drive this morning looking for a video for work and I happened upon this document called: Life in the Wrong Layne. It was from December 2017. I was supposed to write a blog today about How To Be Confident in Who You Are – I’ve decided to share this […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

I’ve been taking testosterone for two years now. Now is when I should actually start to really look different; I know that, I’ve known that since I started this process. That knowledge did not stop me from seeing changes daily, weekly and monthly. It didn’t stop me from my belief that I was DEFINITELY looking […]