Of course I decide to come back to blogging in the midst of <maybe> the most nonsensical time in my life so far. I do have my daughter to thank for that though; I’ve been giving myself such a hard time for not writing, not having or finding the time to write and then being […]

Black, Trans & Proud

Today I had the opportunity to speak to an amazing group of people and share my story. This blog is the written portion of my presentation, slightly modified to fit this format. AS HE SAID, MY NAME IS LAYNE INGRAM AND IT REALLY IS A SURREAL FEELING TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO A GROUP […]

How I Got Here

I’ve been struggling with what to write about – not for lack of topics but because of all the things that have been flying around in my head over the past year, past few months, weeks, minutes really. I feel like my mind is going non-stop all the time. At a moment in our lives […]

All the Things

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can always start again. I wish that I was better at making time for this; it’s something that I’ll work on in 2021. I thought in March of this year that I would be blogging like crazy because I’d be working remotely and would have more time, […]


I haven’t written in almost a year. That’s disappointing but now, like most everyone else, I feel like I have more space and time. That’s not a great excuse because we make time for the things that matter; or rather, we should. But, I digress. 2019 was interesting to say the least; I think I […]

The Book I Started Two Years Ago

I was working in my Google Drive this morning looking for a video for work and I happened upon this document called: Life in the Wrong Layne. It was from December 2017. I was supposed to write a blog today about How To Be Confident in Who You Are – I’ve decided to share this […]