All the Things

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can always start again. I wish that I was better at making time for this; it’s something that I’ll work on in 2021. I thought in March of this year that I would be blogging like crazy because I’d be working remotely and would have more time, space and freedom – but really, like most people, I’ve also struggled to figure out the work/life balance thing while working from home. Dealing with racial and pandemic stress have been additional issues that have made this time just seem harder and busier.

Today, I’m excited though. I’m excited because things are happening. Things have happened. I’ve changed. Some good. Some GREAT. Some, leave a little something to be desired. Like: the instant rage anger, night sweats, and acne. The good things: my beard is looking solid, I’ve lost some weight, my voice is decently deep. The greatest thing about all of this, is that the outside matches the inside. I still don’t know what I’m going to look like when this is all said and done, (it’s never done), but right now – it’s better than it’s ever been. See for yourself.

On the left, I was just about to start T, and the picture on the right is yesterday. Notice my AMAZING shirt featuring our FIRST woman and person of color Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris.

Back to the things that are happening. Joe Biden won. There’s hope on the horizon. Hope for a better way forward; hope for civil rights and equality, hope for healthcare; just hope. And that’s not something I’ve felt for a while. I think back to the Trans Military ban, and that hurts my feelings for all those who have served and all those who want to. When I think back to the HHS department deciding that they were going to revert back to biological sex in their documentation, I get angry. So – hope is a much better feeling.

I’m also going to be 40 next week. I’ve been waiting for this birthday for like 27 years. That’s not an exaggeration. When I got to pick out my jersey as a freshman in high school at 13, the only number left that would fit me was #40. That was my number all the way through high school and college. It’s on the 20th – 11/20/20 would have been such a cool party date!!!! And what does 20 + 20 equal??? 40!!!!! But thanks to Covid, no party, no nothing. It’s for the best; I want people to be safe; I want to be safe and there’s always next year. The next time my birthday will be cool again is in 20 years when it’s 11/20/40…


So there’s some of the things. Not all of them I guess. I will be announcing something exciting next week though for Trans Awareness Week! My friend Daniel and I are starting something that we hope is helpful and impacts lives. Stay tuned.

Be well.



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